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Volume 12, Edition 3

Welcome to Spring. I don’t know about you but I am pretty tired of winter and looking forward to some sun and warmth here in New York City.  I have received my package for the IMUA annual meeting and remind you that if you have not registered you should head over to the IMUA web site (after reading this report, of course) and sign up at  I am looking forward to meeting so many of you there.

This month we report:

MEXICAN STANDOFF?  – President Obama has pulled the cross-border pilot program.  In response to that directive, Mexico has imposed tariffs on approximately 90 products which is expected to cost millions.  In other NAFTA news, a government funded intelligence group has issued a warning to trucking companies operating near the border.  There is a high security risk as truckers are being exposed to violence and hijacking as a result of the Mexican drug wars.  Apparently a number of hijacking rings have already been located and disbanded. Read More

Volume 12, Edition 2

It was a pleasure meeting with so many of you at the Pacific Coast IMUA seminar.  We extend a special welcome to the many who asked to be put onto this mailing list and invite you to view all that CAB offers to the industry.  Hope you enjoy this report and find it informative.  Once again we remind you that this is a forum for all of you.  Information which you believe should be shared with the industry is welcomed.  I get tired of finding all of this information and writing this all by myself!  I am happy for contributions.

Now on to the news:

ON BOARD RECORDERS – As so it begins.  A new administration – new plans.  The FMCSA proposal on electronic onboard recorders has been pulled while the new administration contemplates other uses for the program. Current reports indicate that the Obama administration will look to require the recorders on more trucks than before. Read More

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